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About Cravinga

Cravinga was founded by two foodies on a quest to find a better way to discover the best local meals.

We were tired of searching for the best food and only being able to find restaurants. Especially for those of us with allergies there was no good option to find great food that worked with our dietary restrictions. Thus Cravinga was born.

The team

Kenny Schumacher
Co-founder & Head of Business
Still searching for the perfect breakfast burrito.
Jonathan Sahoo
Co-founder & Lead Engineer
The only thing greater than his love for spicy food is his passion for developing cool stuff.
Lowell Ian Balinas
The best feeling ever is love when I know that I'll be having pizza for dinner.
Brian Vergara
95% of the reason why I travel is to find new food.
Jennifer Masuda
Graphic Designer
Desserts are sweet, but Cravinga is sweeter.
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