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Cravinga | The best free app to find food near you


Restaurant Owners

Take your business to the next level with Cravinga! Gain free exposure, see what foodies think about your food, and manage your restaurant with our Partner Portal.

The spotlight your food deserves

Your delicious dishes are worthy of attention and should be devoured accordingly. Cravinga offers restaurants a socially engaging way to gain the exposure they crave to locals and visitors. With thousands of local app users, restaurants have the opportunity to showcase their dishes in a unique and tasteful way.

Gain unnparalleled insight into your dishes

Wondering how your dishes compare to the competition? Want to discover how you can increase sales and target your ideal customer? With analytics on your customers and your dish performance, you'll have the upper hand. Cravinga gathers and analyzes customer and dish performance data to help you effectively operate your business and adjust as our taste buds evolve.

Get ahead with your restaurant report card

Cravinga’s dish-based platform offers a unique approach to insights on your business through our unique and exclusive Partner Portal. Here you can view what your customers are saying about what your business has to offer. While other services allow users to rate and review the restaurant as a whole, this doesn't let the restaurant owner know how the users feel about individual dishes. Cravinga makes it possible to form a business strategy based on the nuances of your menu. Cravinga gives customers a platform to let you know exactly how customers feel about your food. Finally, you have the Inside Scoop.

Show them you care

Cravinga allows customers to get to know your menu items on a deeper level. Show customers with allergies and dietary preferences that you hear them by being fully transparent. By providing a full list of ingredients for every dish, you can reduce the risk of allergic reactions or other food-related medical emergencies with Cravinga.

Join the Cravinga community, check out what's good in your area, and share your photos with those in your city.